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Silhouettes of children are timeless! They make wonderful gifts for any holiday, birthday, or event.


This order includes TWO (2) individual silhouette paintings  on stretched canvas. The canvas is painted white in order to add an extra "POP!" to the piece.


These silhouettes are NOT digital images. These are individual drawn and hand-painted. Any subtle variations in color/tone add to the charm of the piece.


To order silhouettes, please choose the size of the canvas and the direction(s) you want the portraits to face. Once you order your portrait, you will need to email me several photos of your children. I will be happy to go over your photos with you and see which ones work best. We will also discuss the direction(s) you want the portraits to face.


Here is how to take a photo of your children:

  • Hold the camera to the ear level (almost like you're taking a photograph of their ear).
  • Take the photo (natural light works best)
  • Make sure your photo shows the following: your child's nose, mouth, chin, hair, neck, upper torso
  • Longer hair tends to look best when pulled into a ponytail or bun


You may e-mail your photos to me here:


All silhouette paintings are black with a white background on stretched canvas. You may choose the following options to customize your silhouette painting:


  • Direction Silhouettes Face
    • 2 Left 
    • 2 Right
    • 1 Left + 1 Right (facing each other)

Two 5" x 7" Silhouette Paintings on Canvas

  • Because these are unique commissions, they are non-refundable.

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