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Meet Nancy Ferry

Nancy Ferry is a Dallas-based artist who lives with her husband (Richard), son (Davis), daughter (Veronica), and a small zoo consisting of two dogs, a tripod cat, chickens, and a bearded dragon. Having lived in both urban and rural areas, her exposure to different cultures has provided the perfect inspiration for her to rediscover the art of capturing the essence of people, animals, and nature. 


From an early age, Nancy has demonstrated a gift for capturing organic forms, may it be from photographs, moving objects, or still life. Originally focused on graphite portraits, she has since branched out to watercolors, color pencil illustrations, silhouette paintings, crochet, and even note cards. 

Ferry Creative initially began as a way for Nancy to raise funds for the adoption of her and Richard's first child. After the adoption was finalized, she stepped away from drawing to focus on being a mom. Following the birth of their second child, Nancy dabbled some more with commissions before stepping back to focus on raising her two children. 

With her youngest entering kindergarten in the fall, Nancy can now create portraits, paintings, and other artwork with the same love, devotion, and attention she gave to her family during her decade as a stay-at-home mother.

In addition to running this website, Nancy has worked with several groups and organizations (including Virgin Hotels - Chicago) to bring her art to people all over the country. 

The Artist
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